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Forecaster offers powerful visualization features for baseline demand and price forecasts as well as for “what if” forecasts generated from alternate model input conditions. Demand forecast output can be used directly as input for price forecasts to yield an integrated view of electricity market forces.

Forecast results are organized on Today, Tomorrow, Long Term, and History tabs. Today, Tomorrow and Long Term tabs provide forecast plots. Today and Tomorrow demand tabs include tables of hourly demand forecast values and the total demand forecast for the selected day. Today and Tomorrow price tabs include tables with average peak and off-peak prices. History tabs show how well forecasts have performed during the recent past.

After baseline demand forecasts are generated, selected weather inputs can be modified to determine the impact on demand. After baseline price forecasts are generated, demand projections or temperature inputs can be modified to determine the impact on prices.

Demand and price forecasts can also be fine-tuned to account for unexpected influences that were not represented in training data. Correction factors for specific calendar dates account for the effects of holidays and special events on demand. Recent forecast performance history is used to compute hourly adjustments that are applied to both demand and price forecasts.

Today, Tomorrow, and Long Term demand and price forecast results can be saved in files
for use by other enterprise software.

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