Neural Power

Introducing NeuralPower

In competitive electricity markets, accurate predictive modeling is essential for promoting efficient short-term operations and supporting long-term strategic planning. With expanding global deregulation and ongoing requirements for capital investment to ensure reliable electricity generation and delivery, accurate demand and price forecasts provide a critical foundation for key production, transmission, trading and distribution decisions. And while traditional modeling approaches cannot capture the many consumer, commercial, and environmental relationships that drive electricity use and present challenges for forecasting, NeuralPower® can.

NeuralPower is NeuralWare’s fully-integrated electricity demand and price forecasting platform. It delivers extremely accurate forecasts that are easily tailored for service areas, rate classes, market segments, or other usage categories. NeuralPower is based on NeuralWare’s time-tested and field-proven NeuralWorks Predict® engine – the world’s most advanced neural network application development software.

NeuralPower consists of three components – Modeler™, Forecaster™ and Scheduler™.
Modeler is used to create, evaluate, and deploy collections of neural network models – called Schemas – that Forecaster
and Scheduler run to produce electricity demand and price forecasts.
Forecaster runs neural network models and provides visualization and reporting capabilities for plant operators, financial analysts, traders, and others who base decisions on demand and price forecasts.
Scheduler also runs neural networks to produce demand and price forecasts. However, Scheduler automatically places forecast output in computer files that can be accessed directly by other software.

Through these components, NeuralPower harnesses highly advanced yet easy-to-use neural network technology to consistently deliver superior forecasting results.

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