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Software Support and Updates

NeuralWare offers no-cost pre-installation and installation support for all NeuralPower customers to ensure that the benefits of better forecasts with the NeuralPower platform are realized immediately. Under annual NeuralServiceSM contracts, NeuralWare provides ongoing support related to using NeuralPower, and automatic updates of NeuralPower software when released. Under separate engineering and modeling agreements NeuralWare can provide advance model development and customization of NeuralPower components.

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NeuralWare is committed to helping you take full advantage of the extensive modeling and forecasting capabilities offered by NeuralPower. NeuralWare offers customized onsite training workshops so that complete customer teams can gain a better understanding of neural network technology and how to effectively and efficiently build robust electricity demand and price forecasting models. Topics covered include the mathematical foundation for neural networks, identifying and optimizing input fields and lead times, evaluating forecast Schemas, and fine-tuning model performance. In addition, a portion of the workshop is devoted to building field-ready forecast Schemas using customers' own data.

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Forecast Model Development and Custom Engineering

NeuralPower has been designed with customers in mind – you can develop high performance neural network forecasting models without being an expert in neural network technology. At the same time, we recognize that making the transition to a new forecasting platform does impact organizations, and especially during the early stages there may not be sufficient resources available to build and evaluate initial forecast Schemas. In addition, there may be requirements to customize forecast output files, or even to link existing customer applications directly to the NeuralWorks Predict Run-Time engine. NeuralWare's experienced modeling and software development teams can serve as extensions to your in-house staff to meet these one-off situations.

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Neural Network Consulting

NeuralWare's technology and product portfolio encompasses more than NeuralPower. Since 1987 NeuralWare has worked with customers around the globe to apply neural network technology to a wide range of application domains. We can offer consulting and model development services in areas such as marketing communications (customer stratification and improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns), customer service (evaluating customer service quality and identifying problem areas), and grid operations (predictive maintenance models), and other areas where analytics can help improve operation and service effectiveness.

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