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Automatically Generate
NeuralPower Forecasts

Scheduler is a small-footprint stand-alone program that executes forecast models based on user-defined daily schedules. Scheduler has no forecast display interface – output is placed in files for archiving or for use by other applications.

NeuralPower provides very flexible options for specifying when forecast models should run. They can run once daily, or multiple times in a day up to a particular time. Forecasts can be scheduled to run as frequently as every 5 minutes, or on an hourly basis.

Forecast files generated by Scheduler can be stored on a local computer or on a central file server. Scheduler maintains a comprehensive log file of all forecast-related activity that it performs. The log can be sorted by activity to view forecasts that are scheduled or error conditions in the event forecast models fail to execute successfully.

Scheduler forecast files are in a standard tab-delimited format that can be easily imported by other software. Scheduler also appends current day and next-day forecast output to specially-formatted files that Forecaster uses to produce forecast performance charts and to compute short-term forecast adjustments.

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